Baby whores

baby whores

If Dolly Parton & Flight of the Conchords got drunk and had a baby, you'd get the hilariously irreverent and melodically masterful musical comedy duo Reformed. 29 Sep You may already be familiar with Atlanta noise trio Whores. from their pair of As evidence, sample their new song “Baby Teeth” below. A whore will have sex with everyguy she can and sometimes gets pregnant, the unwanted baby ends up at a grandparents home, a foster house, the steps of a. baby whores 30 Sep GOLD. is the follow up to the highly buzzed about EP Clean (), which was widely cheered by critics. Also recorded by Boesch, the record. Whores Will Be Whores-uh huh baby yeah (This is all I have, if you'd really listen to me) (My heart is empty just like your head) (I'm so sick and tired of. Baby Teeth Lyrics: Push the blood out of my mouth / Cut it out on my own / Cut my teeth, pulled them out / Cannot save what you don't own / You can't go home.

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